Its finally here, the new foodie hot spot in vibrant and dynamic Dalston (East London).

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Minale Tattersfield has been part of the team that has helped create the concept and offer that blends together Mediterranean and Italian food with an East London slant and a unique take on water. Beautifully prepared dishes (including Pizza, Melanzane, jacket potatoes, fresh salads, gluten free cakes etc) made from locally sourced ingredients and using only filtered water to prepare and cook, is at the heart of what is Fed by water.




Fabio Stefan, the brains behind the restaurant and Edoardo the master chief from Salento, the part of Apulia located on the tip of Italy’s heal, approached Minale Tattersfield to help them create a brand that could communicate clearly their vision to future stakeholders and investors. After months of research, concluded with a series of structured workshops the concept and core essence was defined and agreed upon. Only fresh ingredients prepared and cooked with filtered water, would set a new standard in cooking, while providing fast and affordable food, that is tasty and healthy.




It is a simple truth that the most direct and honest approach to communication will always lead to authenticity, clarity and ultimately trust. Therefore from the start we set out to create a narrative that would be more then just a logo and a set of colours. Rather we wanted to create a system that would feel more like a 'non-branded' offer, as we started to call it. The system had to communicate the philosophy and its unique way of preparing, cooking and doing things.


The final result was captured with a bold statement, summed up with the following phrase, ‘When FAbio met EDoardo we all got FED, because today it's not about having something to EAT, its about being properly FED!’.




The result was a name and brand identity that was immediately understood by investors and recognised as a 'strong horse' to back. Investment for FED was secured and an ambitious plan to open 5 stores within 12 months agreed. Kingsland Road in Dalston, East London would be the first FED to open, with the objective of attracting a growing and vibrant community of foodies and fashionable hipsters that are contiously looking for new and exciting venues in the area.


With backing secured, Fabio returned to us to guide a team to design and develope the interior design for their first store. Key to its success was for an interior space that would appeal to a new breed of ‘food clubbers’. As Minale put it, 'people are increasingly looking for quality environments in the area and accross London, were food, music and space blend together to create unique environments for people to discover and re-discover through recommedations to friends'.




Basically the end result is an environment were quality food is enjoyed in a authentic and fashionable surrounding. By using basic, yet durable materials like concrete flooring, striped back brick walls, exposed air conducts and water pipes, contrasting with Italian marble, beautiful chrome espresso machines, low hanging pendent lights made from empty water bottles and inverted plant holders, made for a space that could be both inviting with a dramatic touch.




Tuesday 15 was Fed by water's private opening party. Fabio, Edoardo and the whole team at Minale Tattersfield wants to thank everyone involved in making this exciting offer become a reality.

You can find out more about Fed by water, by visting their site...


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