Keep your eye out for that special INFLUX ticket you never know, it may be the lucky one!

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We can expect a host of stars to congregate on the Cote d'Azur for the 68th Cannes Film Festival, one of the key events in the film industry calendar and a magnet for film-makers, journalists and hopefuls from across the globe.


This year for the first time, Minale Tattersfield with film director Luca Vullo will also be present with their first screening of INFLUX, a documentary that reveles the pulse of Italians immigrated to London and the UK.


The Film has been accepted in the Cannes Short Film Corner giving Luca Vullo and his team of filmmakers the opportunity to start the process of marketing the film to distributors as well as finding new producers and contacts to mingle and network with.


So with bags packed and the anticipation to rub shoulders with some of our fellow filmmakers, designers, creatives and legends, we hope to keep the momentum rolling and inspire in our own way.






With the INFLUX theme, of the movement of peoples across Europe and the excitement of attending Cannes this year, we wanted to have a bit of fun and go for a cheeky approach in promoting a bit of interest in the documentary.


So if your in Cannes between the 13th and 24th May, keep your eye out for that special Influx ticket you never know, it may be your lucky one!


Here are some ideas of how we thought we can inspire, involve and introduce INFLUX. Hopefully some of these applications will stick! 




To find out more about our involvement and if this could be the winning ticket just visit or the Influx facebook page.


Last but not least, as part of our acceptance speech...:-) we want to thank the whole INFLUX team for this wonderful collaboration. The team includes Luca Vullo, Daniele Banzato, Alessandro Mariscalco, Marco Parollo, Luisa Carnello, Lorenzo Strappelli, Liana Vullo, Renata Sguotti, Katuscia Da Corte, Marco Giannone and Giorgio Giannoccaro.

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