Feme walks the talk

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 Photograph courtesy of Feme Ltd




Leading hair brand Feme is a longstanding client. After designing Feme’s brand identity and communication material ten years ago, the company’s management wanted us to work with them to develop a vision for their next phase of growth. 



Feme opened in the UK in 1998 distributing high quality hairpieces, braids, weaves, extensions, accessories and designer wigs to a growing professional market in the UK and Europe.


After ten years of growth, Feme embarked on a strategy to consolidate their position by relocating to larger premises. The move brought together their showrooms, office operations, marketing studios and warehouses in London under one roof. With office facilities covering 10,000 square feet over two floors, the building provided an opportunity to create an environment to express Feme’s brand values, stimulating innovation and leadership in their market sector.


This bold move was to coincide with the launch of the Feme collection, a new direction for the company developing and producing their own range in addition to distributing other brands of hair products. 




Working with Minale + Mann, our interior design partner, we combined expertise in brand identity and bespoke interiors to design a solution reflecting Feme’s vision and brand values and make them a reality. The project included defining the new consumer brand and designing the interiors and graphics.

From catwalk to street talk

The main theme developed from the brand proposition was to bring out and express the individual beauty of every woman. A 35 metres catwalk running the full length of the ground floor through two clear glass fronted doors captures the essence.


A silhouette of a model standing on the reception desk, with silhouettes of other objects, welcomes visitors. The glass door leading to the hair salon area has a second silhouette, creating the impression of a constant stream of models walking from the hair salon up the catwalk to the entrance. The catwalk also doubles as a banqueting table for functions and product launches.


On large windows throughout the building are a series of patterns from different countries and time periods, expressing the diversity of women’s beauty in all its multicultural guises. 




A model business

The new premises mark a confident step for the Feme brand. Members of staff are motivated, engaged with the brand’s mission and proud to be part of its success. Integrating all areas of the business, with shared areas to meet, exchange ideas and grow a sense of unity, is helping to build long term relationships between Feme buyers, media partners and customers.








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