A new company wanting to stand out in the speciality and gift tea markets.



The owners of Richmond Tea approached us to create a brand identity and devise a product portfolio strategy across the speciality and gift tea markets. This newly formed, entrepreneurial company imports fine teas from Sri Lanka to create everyday and premium blends for people who appreciate good tea and want to buy a souvenir or gift to mark their visit to London. The teas are generally sold through teashops and gift shops at cultural centres and visitor attractions in and around London.







To stand out in a highly competitive market, a distinctive brand identity having a strong association with England or Britishness, was a key requirement. The challenge would be how to do this without falling for any of the usual visual clichés. Packaging designs for the various speciality and gift tea ranges, as well as souvenir products, would then need to be developed in keeping with the character and values of this new brand.




A contemporary take on souvenir teas

Being a new entrant, the company saw an opportunity to make their products attract notice by placing an emphasis on a contemporary, quirky design. As the company is based in Richmond close to Richmond Park, it seemed natural to look for local connotations that resonated with an idea of Englishness. The majestic stag is a traditional heraldic device as well as a much loved resident of the Royal Park of Richmond in south west London.


With the stag wearing the blue and red Union Jack scarf it added an unexpected twist and a touch of eccentricity. Vibrant contemporary interpretations of Englishness, combined with the stag on packaging underlined the connection between English tradition and eccentricity, which research shows is much loved by visitors to the British isles.


The deer that stands for delightful tea

The new identity is a genuine reflection of this small yet exciting company, its base and origins, making tangible its connections with Richmond and the Royal Park while appealing to tourists.


We expect Richmond Tea to become a much loved gift in the years to come. Watch this space.

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