Trento DOC is Northern Italy's sparkling wine, where the producers have joined together to gain exposure through the brand, Trentodoc.

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A sparkling new brand

Trento DOC is a sparkling wine from Northern Italy produced by the Metodo Classico also known as the Méthode Champenoise. For some reason this fine wine was not getting the exposure its winegrowers in the region of provenance Trentino believed it deserved.


With more than 30 wineries producing Trento DOC, the aim was to create a brand positioned as “The Champagne of Italy”. An interesting challenge – how to communicate the idea of Champagne without actually saying “Champagne”?




Passion that goes round

To define what made their sparkling wines special, we brought together a cross-section of Trento DOC producers, including small family winegrowers, collectives and established firms, for a series of workshops. A key outcome was that Trento DOC unlike Prosecco uses a process similar to making Champagne, where the second fermentation and the formation of bubbles happens in the bottle. This makes it distinctly different from other types of vinification.


From the workshops a core idea emerged around the process of remouage. This lies at the heart of Metodo Classico and describes the action of gently rotating each bottle during the second fermentation period. This set the visual direction for a new brand of sparkling wine.


The name Trentodoc was a joining of the original appellation to create a brand name that could be registered and protected. The name sounds authoritative, is easy to pronounce in different languages and maintains a strong link to Trento, the region of provenance, and DOC quality denomination. The graphic treatment of the brand name, with its emphasis on two rotating ‘O’s, along with the strapline ‘Remuage Italiano’ reflects the winemaking process, positioning Trentodoc as a premium Italian product.




Wines of distinction

The new brand identity was liked so much that it was easily accepted by the whole community of Trento DOC producers. The brand identity manual included an option to use the Trentodoc logotype on the labels of the different producers or just the name by itself. In a vote of confidence, all the producers agreed to use the new Trentodoc logotype on the bottles in order to increase awareness of the new category among buyers. Trentodoc today is a respected sparkling wine, admired by the competition, valued and cherished by the producers, and recognised and loved by its consumers.

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